Youth Exchange in Lecce 3


Topic: Job Creation

ΗΜΕΡΟΜΗΝΙΕΣ: 2-9  April 2014

The Association CTS from Lecce is glad to inform you, that the Italian National Agency approved a Youth Exchange called Job Creation.

The Youth Exchange will take place in Lecce, a baroque city in the south of the Apulia Region. The theme of the project is the presentation of opportunities that young people have while they’re building their career, helped by the opportunities offered by EU or their respective national governments, or thanks to the personal effort (education, preparation and ingenuity) and the experience developed with unpaid employment – Volunteering. This result is for combating youth unemployment.

The main objective is to increase the awareness of young people in their personal life skills and to give them the instrument to purpose them-selves in future prospective of work.

We will discuss 4 issues regarding how to prevent unemployment:

1. Unemployment – workshop about how the unemployment is dealt with in all the participating countries;

2. Preparation: – how to choose and look for a job or a scholarship, how to apply for a job or a school, master, etc. (CV, letter of intention, but in a non-formal and creative way).

3. Ingenuity – how to make a business plan especially with reference to the opportunities offered by Youth in Action program.

4. NGO and Volunteering – advantages and disadvantages of volunteering; How to form an NGO and how to apply for Youth in Action programs.

All the workshops will be realized in a creative way, focusing on teamwork, creativity and communication.

The activities will start the 2 and will finish the 9 of April 2014.

The project will involve 35 young people members of   youth organization from France, Greece (Horama Thesprotias), Italy, Malta and Spain.

Every organization will be represented by 6 participants (18-27 years old) + 1 leader group (No limit of age for the Leader Group)

Further details will be given in due course.

Financial Condition:

We couldn’t avoid introducing a membership fee , however we did our best to keep it as low as possible. The membership fee will be of €15.00.

Travel Cost:    30 % of the cost of the ticket.

Accommodation and Meal: We will reimburse the 100% of accommodation and meal.


Please bring along suitable clothes for the outdoor activity, and sports clothes for the practical workshops and dance sessions.

FINANCIAL CONDITION :the participants will pay 30% of the cost of the ticket and a fee of 15,00 per person for better accomodation.

What do you need to bring with you;

1. Raincoat

2. Suitable shooes for the outdoor activities

3. If is possible bring with you your laptop. We can use it in some activities. (We have only two at the moment).

4. the stamp of your association and a wait paper with logo of your association for some possible declaration



1. Make a copy of your passports (with the photo and identity part) and bring with you.

2. Bring your digital cameras, because you are going to take lots of photos. Also you can bring your favorite music CD’s.

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