Action 1.1 – Youth Exchange in Lecce



South Europe Youth Forum Italy and Horama Thesprotias present this project:

Action 1.1 – Youth Exchange in Lecce


Dates: March 24 – 31 2014



An eye on inclusion is a multilateral youth exchange under the Action 1,1 of YiA Program to be hosted from Italian SEYF. The seminar is going to welcome 5 youth organizations from 5 EU Countries (Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland and Romania) with the participation of 5 participants (aged 18-25 years old) and 5 youth leaders per organization, for a total of 30 participants directly involved in the project. The youth exchange will be hosted in Italy (Lecce) from 24th to 31th March 2013, for 7 days of activities.

The main aim of the project is to educate the young participants to mutual tolerance and to the  respect of differences, by promoting a more aware use of media and social network, in line with the International Campaign ‘Young People Combating Hate Speech Online” promoted by the Council of Europe and the European Commission. Finally, the participants will create a series of short movies and flash mob as a powerful contribute for the Campaing on and offline.

Through the application of experiential and peer to peer education, in line with the principles of non formal education, the project is going to stimluate young people sense of cooperation, teamwork, cooperation and for destroying barriers and fostering a more inclusive society, through a better governance of the telematic society.

The objectives:

  • – to make young people more aware of the importance of healthy behaviours and outdoor activites as an instrument for social inclusion, team work, and physical and pshycological development;
  •  – to enhance the value of differences and cultures trhough team building effect and trhough the construction of intercultural dialogue;
  •  – to educate young people to intercultural learning and to a more positive attitude towards other people and cultures;
  •  – to promote Non-Formal education and Participatory Approach as a powerful method for improving ourselves and the society;
  •  – To improve the quality of YiA projects and their inclusion power through the better understanding of Participation;

The whole YE is based on non-formal / outdoor education approach and Learning by Doing methodologies, in order to let the participants learn from experience and reflection, thanks to deep and peer-to-peer de briefing session and through the use of different methods such as: small/big group work, role plays, simulation exercises, debates, theoretical input and practical work, sports activities, During the YE the following activities will be planned informal moments for reaching a more effective local impact, such us intercultural nights, local orienteering, flash mobs, parties that will actively involve local people.



The project will involve 30 young people, members of youth organization, from Italy, Greece, Romania, Malta and Poland.

We are sure that the participants are ready to fulfill an open and active role during the activities and will bring with them their smiles, energy and creativity.


Arrival day in Lecce March 24, 2014

Beginning of activities : March 25, 2014 2013

End of activities : March 30 2014

Departure day: March 31, 2014.


If you have any dietary needs, please let us know (e.g. vegetarian, lactose intolerance, or allergies in general).


We will stay in some Bed & Breakfast in the center of Lecce.

There will be rooms for three/four; we will divide the participants considering the sex.


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