EuFOOD is a youth exchange to be implemented under the Erasmus plus in the frame of the KA1 and to be hosted from the Italian SEYF (KA1). The youth exchange is going to welcome 10 youth organizations from 10 EU Countries (Italy, Malta, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Greece-HORAMA THESPROTIAS, Spain, Romania and Slovenia). Each organization is going to contribute with the direct involvement of 5 people per organization (4 young participants aged between 18-25 and 1 youth leader), for a total of 50 participants. The project is going to be implemented in Andrano, a small village in the in the South of Apulia from 21 to 28 May 2015 for 7 days of activities, in the historical setting of the Castle of Andrano. The exchange is focused on the priority to promote the inclusion and the participation of young people in activities fostering healthy lifestyles, in particular dealing with the issues of combating eating disorders by fostering the exchange of experiences, knowledge and best practices on good eating behaviours. euFOOD is a follow up of a previous youth exchange (SALENTO) and comes up from the need to combate the growing issue of eating disorders and to promote a more inclusive society by providing young people with more experiential cultural and cognitive tools in order to be more aware of the risks of a wrong diet and able to multiplicate their knowledge among their peers. The methodologies used for euFOOD meet the requirements of the nonformal learning: the young participants are going to get in contact the local realities that deal with food&wine networks and organizations that promote healthy lifestyles and transmit traditional knowledge about food culture. Workshops and visits to local activities, organizations that deal with food issues, health and development cooking sessions, icebreaking, team building and problem solving activities with related de-briefing, daily evaluation moments will be the centre of the exchange that, finally, will result as a constructive know-how sharing. Finally, thanks to the realization of a digital multilingual cookbook, the participants will be involved in a process of transfer of knowledge by the virtual peer communication; thanks this final product will be achieve the general objective of ERASMUS+ and will be disseminate the results of the exchange by the young actors of euFOOD. Our expectations are that the youngsters will became protagonists and messengers of Europe in a small reality, far from the main circuits, where people have different conceptions of youth employment but without a net-sharing of the Knowledge through the application of outdoor and experiential education in line with the principle of non formal education, visits to local realities and the sharing of best practices, the project is going to stimluate young people sense of cooperation, teamwork, cooperation and for destroying barriers and fostering a more inclusive and healthy society, thorugh the common creation of more accesible lifestiles.   WHEN The project is going to be implemented between 21 – 28 May 2015. Arrival day: you should arrive during the day of 21st May 2014. Departure day: You should leave on 28th October 2014.   WHERE According to the most typical touristic italian accommodation, participants will be hosted in Andrano, a beautiful village in the South of Italy, near the Adriatic Sea. You are going to be hosted in private flats of the village, living as Italian people for a week. In each apartment there will be about 3-4 people, mixed for nationalities, in order to foster intercultural dialogue. Participants are going to be grouped by sex. Activities will be implemented in the wonderful Castle of Andrano. For more information about the place you can visit: – the official website – the official facebook page – the wikipedia page Food If you have any dietary needs, please let us know (e.g. vegetarian, lactose intolerance, allergies in general, religious dietary). Write us to as soon as possible, in order to let us know in time, otherwise we will not be able to manage it. You will receive a participant profile from your organization which you should complete and will include also these information. WHEN AND WHERE   THE PLACE   Andrano is a beautiful little village in the South of Italy. It’s about 50 km far from the main city (Lecce) and 2 km far from the sea. Its coast, during the summer, is one of the most visited by tourists from all   Financial Condition -As usual, food and accomodations are provided and paid by Italian organization; -it is covered the amount of € 150,00 for travel costs per participant for the countries: Romania, Malta, Polonia, Spagna, Bulgaria, Francia, Slovenia and Hungary. – It is covered 80,00 € for travel costs per participant for Greece. – IMPORTANT: If you are not travelling from your country please tell us in advance because our National Agency may not accept the travel cost and the project expenses! – We will provide you transportation from Lecce to Andrano with a bus, together with a touristic trip during the days of activities. – You should buy your tickets and bring them with you in Italy the invoice and the boarding Pass. – ATTENTION!!! You can already buy your tickets – The invoice must be headed to SEYF or the the individual participant. ( SEYF – South Europe Youth Forum – Via Vecchia Comunale per Tricase 4 – 73032 – Andrano (LE) – Italian Fiscal code/VAT: 90036240753) – When you’ll give this documents to SEYF Staff you’ll receive the reimbursement. – Everyone has to keep boarding passes and give them to SEYF Staff. – The membership SEYF fee will be of €15.00 per participant. – Please provide to insure yourself: insurance is not covered by the project’s costs. Italy have EURO. Is possible to change the money only in BANK but is better (and cheaper) to have credit Card BANK.     What do you need to bring with you:

  1. Raincoat and swim suit, in case 🙂
  2. Suitable shoes for the outdoor activities
  3. If it’s possible bring your laptop with you. We can use it in some activities.
  4. The stamp of your association and a white paper with the

logo of your association for some possible declaration. – Bring your digital cameras, because you are going to take lots of photos. Also you can bring your favorite music CD’s. – Take a copy of your passports (with the photo and identity part) and bring it with you, just in case of needs; – please bring towels, since they will not be provided. – We are planning to develop all together an intercultural night: we are going to provide an evening in which we will have the opportunity to taste food & drink from all over Europe. So, please bring with you some food and drink from your countries. Obviously, good drinks are always welcome! 🙂 – Do not forget a flag of your country. – Bring brochures of your country or your organization because we are going to present them. – Bring typical recipes from your countries: everyday, each country is going to experiment national cooking for the other people! 🙂 THING TO DO Since the project is going to deal with food and traditions and healthy lifestyles, each national group should bring some information about the level of food disease in its country and some good practic, together with traditional dishes’ recipes. Do not worry: the exchange is based on non-formal educational methodologies through the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practices. Nothing is going to be boring. It is an opportunity to share your story, your national situation and to find new friends in order to positively change the world! Bring your smile and positive attitude: we are going to have a lot of fun!


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