Erasmus + EU Citizen 2018-2020


EU Citizen is an Erasmus +Youth in Action program. The participants are Horama Thesprotias from Greece, AJPRA from Portugal and Fundacion Ciudadania from Spain.

The aim of the EU Citizen project is to encourage young people aged 15-24 who are not working or studying or at risk of dropping out of school to resume their educational, educational and/or professional pathways using a non-formal education approach and methodology of social innovation.

The process in this project involves working these young people in their own groups and motivating them to gain social skills of insertion and active citizenship. The creative process passes entirely through the young people who, articulated and with the support of the artists, will develop skills to build, in the field of animation cinema, his own project.

At the end of the program in the dissemination events will be presented a Short Animation Show, produced by the young people themselves.

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