Non Governmental Organization

Founded in 2008
It is run by an administration council of 5 people that are elected every 3 years among the total of our members, and offer their services without payment.

                                                Main aims:

  •       Taking initiatives for the implementation of events and other activities, conferences, seminars and educational programs-social activities, etc. that will help inform and activate the members of local society for participative activities.
  •       The primary goal is to raise awareness on issues related to European integration, national policies and EU policies in social, economic, environmental, cultural affairs, youth problems, women issues and vulnerable groups with disabilities.
  •       Finding ways to apply these policies to national, regional and local level.


Major Activities & Actions:


  • Campaigns, seminars, lectures, thematic study visits.
  • Supporting local development initiatives
  • Human resources development, Lifelong Learning and General Education for Adults.
  • Actions at local, national and international level on issues related to Environment, Culture and Social Initiatives.
  • Actions and Initiatives for Youth and Women.
  • Promoting the European idea and the fundamental principles of the EU.
  • Protection of the free development of personality regardless of race and gender and strengthening of participatory democracy to social progress, solidarity and consolidation of Peace and Friendship between People of the World.

The main instruments for achieving these objectives:

  • Organization of workshops, lectures, conferences and open discussions on interesting and current issues.
  • Create groups of processing and analyzing of specific issues.
  • Publication of information material, printed and electronic.
  • Participation of citizens and experts in national and international networks within projects financed by EU.
  • Communication actions for EU policies.
  • Creation of cultural events and cultural exchanges within and outside the country.
  • Operation of Cultural Department to preserve the folk tradition and the modern civilization.
  • Establishment and operation of Environmental Action Groups and actions for Sustainable Development.
  • Organizing seminars, educational programs, counseling for adult and operation of such structures.

Horama has participated in many Youth in Action programs hosted in Italy, Germany, Slovakia and France (Corsica), and has organized a multilateral exchange with 5 groups from other European countries.

Our organization is a member of a non-profitable development partnership, and is currently working on “Local Action Plan on Employment in Thesprotia”, a social inclusion program co-funded by the EU, in which many local and regional governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations are associates.

Finally, Horama realizes a Grundtvig-Educational Partnerships project, along with 5 other associate organizations, two from the UK, and correspondingly one member from Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, from July 2013 till July 2015, named “Art of the Start”.