The “Thesprotian Vision(Horama)” started its special route upon its establishement in 2008.

Our members have a great experience in the social domain, with a great and specialized knowledge, but most of all a strong will and sensitivity for participation in public activities.

Our first aim or will is, to replace the thought of myself to “we” and volunteerism to be an attitude to lives not just charity or playacting.

Our creative activities have an aim of social unity so as to show the problems and causes that lead Greece and Europe to an unprecedented economic and mainly social crisis. This is actually our priority.

We are well received locally and with no borders as well.

We have no illusions to change the world, but we don’t have the right to claim that it’s only others’ obligation to achieve this.

Our main keystones are two:
-Firstly, the Development which is a responsibility of all stages of hierarchy as the state and social system is structured, so as the institutions will be a benefit of citizens’ life.
In this point we are obliged to support the presence of people and public sectors in democratic programming, as the European Union and government assert, considering it an essential element of planning materialization and inspection of every developmental procedure.
-Secondly, Human is the most substantial element and basic influx in growth procedure.
We hereby give emphasis and this is where we focused most of our actions till today.

Success, improvement, development of the skills of our members is what we believe make them improve their position in our changing world. We definitely know that education advances knowledge thus not being fully attended in further evolution.

On the other hand, it is widely known that knowledge itself doesn’t solve people’s daily problems. With our actions, such as activation through volunteering teams, participation in educational and cultural programmes – seminars in Greece and overseas, advisory and simulation work, we aim to strengthen the self-confidence of the participants to reinforce and cultivate communication skills, cooperation, initiatives, creativity, imagination, demand.

Our actions are addressed to all citizens, particularly to the young ones. That can be easily proven by our up to day function which was based on our wide choice procedure in all our activities, especially in educational expeditions abroad.

Our whole function is based on our members’ resources as well as the participants’ ones and on international programmes which are no burden to the local and national economy.

This is the model our function will be based on in the future.

We will intensify our offer to the local youth but we intend to expand it further to the national, European and the Mediterranean area as well. A reinforcing tool to this direction is the new condensed action scheme of the European Union for the next 7 years, called “ERASMUS +”.