Grundtvig START – Art of the Start Project

Art of the Start – Igoumenitsa 2015 Meeting Agenda

Seminar for Youth Entrepreneurship

Handbook Coaching the Start 

It’s a Grundtvig Learning Partnership between between 5 institutions from 4 countries.

1.LMC UK, 2.Help Direct UK, 3.Inercia Digital S.L. ES, 4.De PlannenMakers B.V. NL, 5. Horama Thesprotias GR

The project aims to build a bridge between the worlds of academia and business, offering young adults the essential tools and skills needed to move into the world of business.In order to do this the project seeks to build a motivating intergenerational learning environment which brings together active and retired business people and entrepreneurs with younger generations to share their knowledge and experience through motivational talks, competitions and/or workshops.

START aims to achieve its objective by providing a structured framework for learning the relevant business skills missed in formal education in an informal setting free from the social pressures commonly afflicting disadvantaged groups, creating an inclusive learning environment.

One of the pillars of the START project will be the ‘ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2020 ACTION PLAN – Reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit in Europe’ document and specifically the chapter one challenge ‘More entrepreneurs for Europe’

The kick-off meeting took part in Lancaster Uk, 11-13 December 2013.